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Trainee Reps

Jacqui Le Geyt - GRID PEM Trainee Rep

Beth Barrett - EMTA RCEM Trainee Rep


Group Communication

There is a group email for all curent PEM GRID trainees. It can be used for advertising events, sending polls, messaging each other etc.  If you are a GRID PEM trainee but have not received any group emails, please email us on


There is also an informal whatsapp group for PEM GRID trainees - please email if you would like to be added to the group.


International Directory of PEM Fellowships:

I've you're looking for a PEM fellowship abroad, have a look at the IFEM website under Resouces (


2018 PEM Trainee Conference:  

Many thanks to the London PEM trainees for organising the 2017 PEM Trainee Conference at the Royal London Hospital.

The 2018 conference will be held 4th -5th July 2018, in Leicester. Leicster Royal Infirmary and Welford Road (Leicester Tigers Stadium)

Mandatory for all current EMTA and Grid PEM trainees so book study leave ASAP now the dates are out!  

Non PEM trainees are welcome but subject to availibity of places and a small fee.

More about the Trainee Conferences:
The annual Trainee Conference conference is mandatory for current trainees! Non-current PEM trainees are also welcome but there may be a small charge.

  • The conference lasts 2 days. Its designed to teach us parts of the curriculum that are difficult to cover on the shop floor. 
  • All GRID trainees will get a training review. Youreportfolio will be looked at - makesureits up to date!
  • Trainees have to give a presentation at at least onetrainee conference. There areprizesforthe best presentatons in each category
  • There will be a trainee meeting where we can discuss any issues wehave confidentially


Other dates for your diaries

  • RCPCH Annual Conference- 13-15th March 2018 Glasgow
  • ICEM 2018 - Mexico City 5-8th June 2018. International Conference on EMergency Medicine
  • Eusem 2018 8-12th September, Glasgow. European Society of Emergency Medicine
  • RCEM Annual Conference 8-12th September, Glasgow (in conjunction with EUSEM see above) 

(No SMACC conference in 2018 - Social Media and Critical Care Conference


Blurbs for Training Centres

Tina and Ami are hoping that we can get together as a group of trainees to write a blurb for each of our training sites to put up on the APEM website for prospective subspeciality trainees.  The aim is to get this finished before the next round of application.  Can I ask on Tina and Ami's behalf for a trainee from each training centre to put together a blurb and email it to me please.


London PET Days

The London Paediatric Emergency Training (PET) days have run for a number of years. They are aimed at senior trainees from both an emergency and a paediatric backgrounds specialising in paediatric emergency medicine.

The days are run every 2 months and rotate through a number of different London hospitals. They aim to tackle the areas of the RCPCH/CEM curriculum that are hardest to address on the shop floor.

Trainees from outside London are welcome to attend.

Upcoming specific dates are yet TBC:

  • February 2018 – Royal London  
  • March 2018 - RCPCH Conference / APEM , Glasgow
  • 25th April 2018 – St Marys
  • June 2018 - Chelsea and Westminster
  • 4-5th July 2018– PEM CONFERENCE – Leicester
  • August 2018 – Summer Break
  • October 2018 – Lewisham

For more information and if you would like to be added to the mailing list please email Katie Knight: